300 words about following rules

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300 words about following rules

The New York Times noted that Carnegie was convinced that "English might be made the world language of the future" and an influence leading to universal peace, but that this role was obstructed by its "contradictory and difficult spelling".

This would be followed by the use of a phonetic alphabet developed by the American Philological Association and including the 40 basic sounds used in English.

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Phonetics would be taught to children in nursery school or kindergarten. Much of the list included words ending with -ed changed to end -t "addressed", "caressed", "missed", "possessed" and "wished", becoming "addresst", "carest", "mist", "possest" and "wisht", respectively.

Other changes included removal of silent letters "catalogue" to "catalog"changing -re endings to -er "calibre" and "sabre" to "caliber" and "saber"changing "ough" to "o" to represent the long vowel sound in the new words altho, tho and thoro, and changes to represent the "z" sound with that letter, where "s" had been used "brasen" and "surprise" becoming " brazen " and " surprize ".

Digraphs would also be eliminated, with the board promoting such spellings as "anemia", "anesthesia", "archeology", "encyclopedia" and "orthopedic". In Junethe board prepared a list of the words designed for teachers, lecturers and writers, which was sent out upon request.

By AugustThe board reported that over 5, individuals had pledged to use the words on the initial list, with another to agreeing to use some of the words, but objecting to others. Combined with the earlier naming of Walter William Skeateditor of the Etymological English Dictionary, the board could claim it had the three top English language dictionaries from both the United States and United Kingdom on its side.

Finally, Congress had the last word when Representative Charles B. The President let the Public Printer and the Nation know that the old style was reinstated. Brander Matthews, a friend of Roosevelt and one of the chief advocates of the reform as chairman of the Simplified Spelling Board, remonstrated with him for abandoning the effort.

Roosevelt replied on December 16, Do you know that the one word as to which I thought the new spelling was wrong — thru — was more responsible than anything else for our discomfiture?

The President waved and laughed with delight.

300 words about following rules

Rather, Carnegie believed that the board would be more productive by encouraging grass-roots changes. His beliefs are contained in a statement given to an editor of The Times: It is the people who decide what is to be adopted or rejected. Signs of a break with the board were apparent as early as January 16, Carnegie received a letter from Matthews, which included a list of daily newspapers that had adopted the reformed spellings.

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300 words about following rules

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