A message to the moon

MERCURY, THE PLANET OF REASON Mythologically Mercury is represented as a "Messenger of the Gods" and this is the line with the occult facts, for when infant humanity had been led astray by the marital Lucifer spirits and had fallen into generation it became necessary for the other divine hierarchies to take steps looking to a future regeneration and to further that object the Lords of Venus were brought to the earth to educate humanity in such a manner that love might be substituted for lust and men might thus be induced to aspire to something higher. While the Lords of Venus dealt with mankind in general the most precocious among them were taken in hand by the Lords of Mercury; whose wisdom-teaching is symbolically represented by the caduceus or "Staff of Mercury," consisting of two serpents twining around a rod and indication the solution of the riddle of life, or "Whence have we come, why are we here, and whither are we bound?

A message to the moon


Can life be so simple that you can live on love alone? Is anger, hate or jealously necessary to be part of your daily life or will love sustain you?

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These are channeled messages from the Collective The body no matter the size must be seen with the same perfection that you see all things. It will by default adjust to perfection when you see it with the inner eye.

How often do you scorn yourself and your body for not Do you see that the one can build the many while the many can build the one without losing the one? When the one is one and the many is one then the ones can flourish outside of the many, but still with the support of the many.

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You do not see the world as it is, but rather you see the world as you are. What perceptions, filters, beliefs are you harboring that either limit or expand your vision of the world?

What do you know about yourself deep The road for any worthwhile journey needs to be unclear. The water must be murky.

It is because the journey should be an adventure. If you can see the end of the road then where is the fun?

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Dahlman Karen believes that self- empowerment is the key to living a richly rewarding and authentic life enhanced by creatively pushing boundaries and expressing inner potentials.monstermanfilm.com is part of Turner Entertainment Digital which is part of the Turner Sports & Entertainment Digital Network.

Moon said North Korea's agreement to allow international experts to observe a "permanent" dismantling of a missile engine test site and launch pad was the same thing as a commitment to "verifiably and irreversibly" demolish those facilities. CHAPTER XI THE MOON, THE PLANET OF FECUNDATION.

From the Bible we learn that Jehovah made man in His monstermanfilm.com are also told that angels visited Sarah and proclaimed the birth of Isaac.

They also foretold the birth of Samson and Samuel and the angel (not archangel) Gabriel came to Mary of Bethlehem to announce the coming birth of Jesus. According to occult science Jehovah and His .

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A message to the moon

Moon Symbol in Messages iOS lets your mute individual threads in Messages. Moon means that you have silenced the conversation by selecting the ”Do Not Disturb” (iOS 10 and earlier) or “Hide Alerts” option.

Phantasmal Species (幻想種, Gensō-shu) is the common term used to refer to all non-human creatures that are found in legends and fantasy. They are born from the thoughts of humans or when outside reasons cause certain life-forms to transform, but they can only survive in fantasy.

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Moon to carry private message from Kim Jong Un to Trump