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Billing paper

Activities include crisis response, crisis line, assessment, referral, and direct therapy. The standard for whether or not a crisis exists is a "prudent layperson" standard. Crisis means a situation in which an individual is experiencing the signs and symtoms of a serious behavioral health disorder, and one of the following applies: If the beneficiary developed a crisis plan, the plan is followed with permission from the beneficiary.

Crisis Residential Services Crisis residential services are intended to provide a short-term alternative to inpatient psychiatric services for beneficiaries experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis when clinically indicated.

Services may be used to avert an inpatient psychiatric admission or to shorten the length of an inpatient stay.

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This service is also designed for beneficiaries who are intoxicated and at risk of admission to an acute setting or another level of care but can be appropriately served in this less intensive setting.

Services must be designed to resolve the immediate crisis and improve the functioning level of the beneficiary to allow them to return to less intensive community living as soon as possible.

Covered crisis residential services include: Beneficiaries who are admitted to crisis residential services must be offered the opportunity to explore and learn more about crises, mental health disorders, substance use disorders, identity, values, choices and choice-making, recovery and recovery planning.

Recovery and recovery planning is inclusive of all aspects of life, including relationships, where to live, training, employment, daily activities, and physical well-being.

Billing paper

Established residential programs that purport to offer this service for individuals with substance use disorders will be required to seek re-approval of the program by MDHHS when appropriate licensing and accreditation has been obtained.

Treatment services must be clinically supervised by a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist need not be present when services are delivered but must be available by telephone at all times.

The psychiatrist must provide psychiatric evaluation or assessments at the crisis residential home. Medication reviews performed at the crisis residential home must be performed by a physician, physician assistant or a nurse practitioner under the clinical supervision of the psychiatrist.

Billing paper

The covered crisis residential services must be supervised onsite eight hours a day, Monday through Friday and on call at all other times. Services must be provided to beneficiaries in licensed crisis residential foster care, group home settings not exceeding 16 beds in size, or in a licensed substance use disorder residential treatment program when providing services for substance use disorders.

Services must not be provided in a hospital or other institutional setting.

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Crisis residential services may be provided to beneficiaries who are assessed by, and admitted through, the authority of the local PIHP.

Beneficiaries must meet psychiatric inpatient admission or residential substance use disorder level of care criteria but have symptoms and risk levels that permit them to be treated in such alternative settings.

Services may be provided for a period up to 14 calendar days per crisis residential episode. Services may be extended and regularly monitored, if justified by clinical need, as determined by the interdisciplinary team.

For substance use disorders, beneficiaries should be moved to another ASAM Level of Care within 14 days; however, services may be extended if justified by clinical need, medical necessity, and as determined by the interdisciplinary team.

If the beneficiary has an assigned case manager, the case manager must be involved in the treatment as soon as possible, and must also be involved in follow-up services. If the length of stay in the crisis residential program exceeds 14 days, an interdisciplinary team must develop a subsequent plan based on comprehensive assessments.

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