Kung fu hustle a spoof of

Share via Email Tough role But then again, there's probably only one person in the world who would actually have any use for them: Chow is the writer, director and putative star of Kung Fu Hustle, possibly the most hare-brained martial arts movie ever made. Like his previous movie, Shaolin Soccer, it uses special effects in ways their creators surely never intended, and turns just about every movie convention it can find to comic effect.

Kung fu hustle a spoof of

Demolition Fu; redecoration through battle. In a hand-to-hand fight in a furnished room e. This may or may not exclude the walls themselves.

Luckily, this is covered under Hero Insurance.

Kung fu hustle a spoof of

Furniture in movies is actually incredibly rickety; no furniture maker would get away with stuff so easily broken. Except the kind that makes stuff out of balsa wood and sugar glass for the movies, that is. Of course, the intended effect is to make the fighters look so badass that they can break solid furniture.

Higher-powered versions of the trope for example, those involving Humongous Mecha or Attack of the Foot Whatever involve the destruction of entire buildings, and from there we go to fighters re-arranging the landscape: Allowing this in Video Games results in Die, Chair! When used as part of a grand finale, it's Trash the Set.

The very first time Akane expressed her feelings towards Ranma, it was with the dining room table. It just went on from there.

A mild example in Fruits Basket. Shigure's front door seems to get destroyed if somebody even thinks about fighting near it. This is heavily lampshaded by Shigure himself. In later arcs of every incarnation, the weaker fighters will often smash eighty-meter-high mountains to rubble.

Early on in Dragon Ball ZPiccolo actually destroys the moon.

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Because it was a softer target than his moon-powered opponent Gohan- oozaru. Master Roshi did the same thing earlier, during the first World Martial Arts tournament in order to stop the rampage of a young, transformed Goku by reverting him to his normal form.

In the manga, Goku is actually questioned about his missing tail when he arrives for the second Tournament Arc and explains that Kami removed it permanently before restoring the moon, closing both plot holes at once. Comics One Lucky Luke album has a running gag of the bar owner removing the large mirror behind the bar, only for it to be broken accidentally after the fight.

Pretty much every superhero comic includes a measure of this Anything happening in the same county with Incredible Hulk. The understatedly-powerful Ferrigno version busted a lot of barrooms. The comics, movie and video game versions bust a lot of buildings and military equipment. Ont of the recurring jokes of the X-Men during Chris Claremont 's run was the amount of property damage inflicted upon the environment.Pages in category "Martial arts comedy films" Kung Fu Hustle; Kung Fu Panda; Kung Fu Panda 2; Kung Fu Panda 3; The Kung Fu Scholar; Kung Fu VS Acrobatic; Kung Fury;.

Kung Fu Hustle Layer Cake Hitch Urban Legends: Bloody Mary Boogeyman The less nasty and often more fun cousin of that horror spoof has arrived with Not Another Teen Movie, whose title is just the first bit of overdone self-awareness that hits more than it misses.

A quintet of screenwriters pull off a minor miracle in riffing on whole story 4/5(12). Mar 02,  · Search titles only; Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma. Newer Than: Search this thread only; Search this forum only. Display results as threads.

Shanghai-based Pearl Studio, formerly Oriental DreamWorks, is teaming up with Kung Fu Hustle and The Mermaid director Stephen Chow to develop an animated feature . VinhChauLe's movie-spoof of film "Hustle." Cast Robin (Teen Titans) as Lieutenant Phil Gaines, Starfire (Teen Titans) as Nicole Britton, Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid) as Marty Hollinger, Sergeant Murphy (The Busy World of Richard Scarry) as Sergeant Louis Belgrave, Belle (Beauty and the.

Dec 23,  · Watch video · Several characters in this movie were played by popular Kung-Fu stars, in the 's - 's in China. Stephen Chow shows respects to them, as the way he respects Bruce Lee.

Above all, Kung-Fu Hustle is a movie with great hilarity, stunning CGI effects, fantastic Kung-Fu, and the lives of ordinary people/10(K).

The Aisle Seat - Kung Fu Hustle