Questions and answers on union and

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Questions and answers on union and

Questions and answers on union and

I'm already a member. What can I do to help the union? What is the APWU? Representing more thanpostal employees in every state and territory in the United States, the APWU is the largest union of postal workers in the world.

What does the union do? The primary job of the union is to negotiate, interpret, and enforce a National Agreement with the Postal Service. This is a contract that establishes wages, working conditions and other benefits for all workers under its jurisdiction. The union also protects workers' rights by representing them in day-to-day problems on the job such as discipline, violations of seniority, harassment, discrimination, or other management abuse.

Questions and answers on union and

Additionally, the APWU addresses other workplace concerns such as safety and health and the impact of technological change. What are the benefits of belonging? Membership in the APWU gives you a voice in determining your future.

Members have the right to participate in local meetings, to vote for local and national officers, to vote on the contract, to run for office, and to petition for change in the union. Other membership benefits include: The American Postal Worker, a bimonthly magazine reporting on issues and programs affecting postal workers, and a safety and health program that educates workers about possible hazards in the workplace and provides technical assistance.

Plus, members are eligible for: APWU membership is open to any USPS employee, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, political affiliation, age or religion.

Who makes the union work? Every level of the APWU operates democratically on the principle of majority rule. Members have a free voice and vote to express their views in the union.

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Members also ratify the National Agreement and elect delegates to the National Convention. The convention, which convenes every two years, is the highest governing body in the union.

Between conventions, the National Executive Board directs union policy and programs. How is APWU structured? Most members belong to a local union with jurisdiction in their city, town or area. Locals elect their own officers and conduct their own day-to-day business.

They may establish local dues and may negotiate a local contract — on specific local issues — to supplement the National Agreement. Nationally, the APWU maintains a headquarters in Washington, DC, to administer the union and to implement programs and policies mandated by the convention and the National Executive Board.

We have a separate division for each craft — ClerkMaintenanceMotor Vehicle Service, and Support Services — concerned with the special problems of the workers in the craft.

In addition to national officers, each division has representatives called national business agents. They operate out of 21 APWU field offices.

Regional coordinators maintain an office in each of five regions: CentralEasternNortheastSouthernand Western. How are officers elected?

National union officers are elected by mail ballot of the membership every three years. The officers and national business agents for each craft division are elected by the members in that division.

Additionally, regional coordinators are elected by the members in each region. Any member may become a candidate for national office by filing a petition in accordance with the requirements spelled out in the APWU Constitution and Bylaws.

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