Student monitoring using rfid

This reduces the time spent on conducting inspections on multiple assets. Introducing systems to improve safety is not easy.

Student monitoring using rfid

There are numerous reasons for passing on plastic. I pondered the plastic problem just recently whilst queued in a quaint grocery store line. My brain was boggled by this bag woman for so many reasons.

Student monitoring using rfid

My first thought was cash related. At 5 cents a sack, she spent a buck on bags! My second thought was of shock. My third thought was of horrendous horror when I figured this single bag lady is probably responsible for disposing of at least plastic bags a year, just grocery shopping!

Here are 50 reasons to go green and switch to reusable shopping bags and bins: At 5 cents a bag in many North American shops, the bucks add up! Ireland pays a hefty 15 cents per bag Plastax tax. Buying a bin or reusable bag can save you hundreds over the years.

While keeping costs down is a concern for many, there are more pressing plastic matters at stake! The production of plastic bags requires petroleum and often natural gas, both non-renewable resources that can cost big production bucks over time.

Both paper and plastic bags costs our cities millions. From recycling costs to processing in landfills source. Disposal and Litter Cost. In a landfill, plastic bags can take up to 1, years to degrade. Continuous management of the disposal and growth of the waste is an expensive business.

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Plastic and paper bags are everywhere. Nearly all of us use them, all the time.

Student monitoring using rfid

Disposable bags are a powerful symbol of consumerism gone mad. The over consumption of plastic and paper bags is ubiquitous. Manufactured plastic and paper bags contribute to global warming. Paper bag production delivers a global warming double-whammy since forests major absorbers of greenhouse gases have to be cut down, and then the subsequent manufacturing of bags produces greenhouse gases.The purpose of this system is to monitor the arrival and departure of Polytechnic University of the Philippines students.

The students will use their RFID card (Radio Frequency Identification) to enter in the school premises. The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is one of an automation technology that is beneficial in improving current traditional way of monitoring student.

As every tag has its own unique ID, it is easy to differentiate every tag holder. Most of us don't think much about it, but the truth is that people are being watched, tracked and monitored more today than at any other time in human history. The explosive growth of technology in recent years has given governments, spy agencies and big corporations monitoring tools that the despots and dictators of.

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Latest trending topics being covered on ZDNet including Reviews, Tech Industry, Security, Hardware, Apple, and Windows. RFID Proximity Based Checking, Detecting Expiry Date & Stock Updating is electronics based final year project based on RFID technology.

Different RFID tags or cards are assigned.

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