The importance of higher education

Until then the higher forms… Systems of higher education in France and Germany Both France and Germany have systems of higher education that are basically administered by state agencies.

The importance of higher education

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University World News or Higher Education Web Publishing does not necessarily endorse, support, sanction, encourage, verify or agree with any comments, The importance of higher education or statements or other content provided by readers. It is marked by uncertainty, complexity and rapid change, manifested through a bewildering array of global issues relating to economic instability, climate change, inequity, loss of biodiversity and migration, to name a few.

These concern areas such as poverty, food and energy security, inequality, consumption patterns, climate change, protection of ecosystems and so on.

Yet, however desirable such goals are, and however wide the consensus around them that may emerge, the SDGs beg a critical question. How are they to be implemented and achieved? Clearly, policy-makers have several instruments at their command.

These include policy, information and assistance, monitoring, finance and incentives, and legislation and regulation.

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However, I have argued in a paper developed from an initial piece of research commissioned by UNESCO, that unless stakeholders, policy-makers, legislators, businesses, agencies, NGOs, the media and civil society are involved in learning processes, the proposed SDGs will not be achieved.

This is because such change cannot happen without learning. Mid-November saw UNESCO and the government of Japan mount the World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development in Nagoya, where over 1, participants and more than 70 government delegations endorsed the critical role that education has in bringing about a more stable and sustainable society in the face of pressing global challenges.

Education for sustainable development However, there is still a long journey ahead. In anticipation of the Nagoya conference, UNESCO asked me to write a position paper on the relationship between the sustainable development community and the education for sustainable development community.

The paper is based on desk research looking at some of the high-level reports on sustainable development as representing an authoritative voice on the state of sustainability issues.

Importance of higher education for today’s economy The library of Lincoln University, New Zealand The concept of governance in postsecondary education predominantly refers to the internal structure, organization and management of autonomous institutions.
Report Post History[ edit ] India is believed to have had a functioning system of higher education as early as B.

In particular, I was looking at how the role of education was regarded. Some of the key points from the paper follow: The quality of the human and biospheric future depends on our collective capacity and ability to learn and change.

Sustainable development is not itself sustainable that is, lasting and securedunless relevant learning among all stakeholders is central to the process. While sustainable development can be promoted through policy instruments, these tend to be effective for only as long as they are applied.

Education can enhance the effectiveness of each of these instruments through developing informed engagement, agency and empowerment among all affected stakeholders. In this debate, education is rarely regarded as a major factor in making the world more sustainable, and its potential is overlooked.

Education for sustainable development means and implies far more than those working outside the field often perceive it to mean. It offers a renewed vision for educational policy and practice fully in tune with the needs and issues of the 21st century.

The fundamental challenge is this: Is the sector listening?The Importance of Higher Education | In the view of most Americans, a college education has now taken on the importance that a high school education had in the past, and has become a necessary ingredient for a good job and comfortable lifestyle.

4) Massachusetts cut higher education spending 14 percent since FY A primary cause of rising student debt in Massachusetts is the fact that the state has cut higher education spending by 14 percent since FY , as shown in the graph below.

Financial Stability and Dignity of Life Another importance of education is that it helps you gain sufficient academic qualification so that you are able to get suitable employment at a later stage.

Defining Higher Education Success There is a great deal of discussion today about the importance of a college degree. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 90 percent of the fastest. Description: The striking new importance of higher education in the lives of black Americans is a major reason for The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education (JBHE).JBHE provides new information about the governance, policies, and practices in our colleges and also publishes articles which address the broader intellectual issues, policies, and strategies that affect the.

Having an education is important because it affects future career possibilities. A lot of jobs require at least a high school diploma, but most careers require some type of higher education that contains some kind of knowledge and experience in a specific field.

The importance of higher education
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