Urban reimaging and the waterfront culture

Cities and suburbs are constantly changing and served up more than its share of challenges—some we saw coming massive retail closureswhile others took us by surprise historic flooding and other natural disasters.

Urban reimaging and the waterfront culture

Cities are living entities and it is possible for a city to start showing signs of age and decay over time. Urban renewal, redevelopment, and revitalization projects are crucial to the success of the city because it stimulates the economy, enhances property values, instills a sense of civic pride, reduces crime, and helps current businesses and attract new ones.

The particular needs of an individual city are unique. Some have older homes that are in disrepair. Some have unused or vacant manufacturing plants from years past. Some have underdeveloped land that could well serve the commercial and residential interests of the city.


This list highlights some of the best recent programs and efforts by cities to improve its properties, facilities, and amenities. The entries on this list are varied.

Some projects are completed, while many are only in progress. Some projects have only been recently approved. What they all have in common is the significant positive impact on their respective communities. Unlike many urban renewal and revitalization programs, the downtown project is not focusing on an area that is filled with crumbling or rundown buildings.

Rather, they are looking to transform downtown Las Vegas into a Mecca for innovators and entrepreneurs. They ambitiously plan on completing this transformation within five years. To date, over jobs have been created.

That Little Bit Extra: So far, one of the most tangible accomplishments of the Downtown Project is Container Park, repurposed shipping containers that are now restaurants and boutique shops surrounding a central plaza. In my view, this will enhance the whole district, but particularly people priced out of the market in the district.

The Oregon State Constitution gives each city and county the ability to create agencies to implement plans and projects to address blight. Plans were made for an array of neighborhood parks, new roads and parking facilities, affordable housing, and other innovative projects in downtown Portland.

Also Portland partnered with a local major land owner to finance new affordable housing units, which transformed an old warehouse into the North American headquarters of a major corporation. It will create jobs, both temporary construction positions and permanent jobs, and it will boost our convention and tourism industry as Omni provides a new level of luxury hotel.

The cost will be divided between the City of Louisville, the State of Kentucky, and the private developers. Construction is slated to begin in and be completed by An space parking garage is also planned, accommodating all three components.

The goal is to attract more tourists, making Louisville a base for people visiting bourbon distilleries in the state. Although Omni Hotels, Resorts operates more than 60 unique properties around the world, this is there first project in the State of Kentucky. In Oklahoma City what we tried to do was put new life into the core of the city.Home» Urban Reimaging.

Urban Reimaging. The main theme underlying the urban re-imaging process is service, teaching and research in the pursuit of a critical practice of urban design. Waterfront Culture and Heritage Infrastructure Plan The plan proposes that the waterfront become the anchor for a series of cultural landmarks, learning.

Urban reimaging and the waterfront culture

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Urban reimaging and the waterfront culture

Upload. How to Restore Our Culture of Achievement, Build a Path for Entrepreneurs, and Create New Jobs in America. Urban branding as an effective sustainability tool in urban development.

“The main goals of urban branding are to reimaging a city, The promenade lacks the feel of a waterfront. Character and culture are compromised by the presence of high-rise buildings and elevation of the promenade. Full-Text Paper (PDF): The Waterfront Image and Urban Culture.

The waterfront as the City's Facade. Barcelona case. The challenge for the marketing manager is therefore to merge multiple identities within a specific location into a concise and easily understood brand which appeals to business investors and tourists but without compromising urban local culture and the distinct pre-existing characteristics of the area.

Reimagining the Waterfront is only the first step toward developing a new vision to improve the Esplanade, indeed to improve lives in .

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