Write an editorial about the civil wars

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Write an editorial about the civil wars

With their bending, belted backs, Waiting—hoping vain attacks, Marched the Seventh! Though the dark night was serene, Never foeman's form was seen ; Though like flies they buzzed around, Haunting every shady ground, Fleeing at the slightest sound From the Seventh!

So we marched till night was gone And the heavens were blessed with dawn; But History, with immortal hand, Must yet record how firm and grand Was that march through Maryland Of the Seventh!

WE have received the following letter from East Tennessee: To the Editor of Harper's Weekly: ALLOW me a few observations, intended to contribute to set right the public mind upon the subject of the impending war.

First, A war must be waged. The unity of the Government must be maintained at every hazard. Its dignity must be upheld. Men must be taught—the whole American people must learn—that it is a fearful thing to rebel against the Government—that the laws must absolutely be obeyed.

They must learn that while each American citizen is a sovereign, he is also a subject He is a sovereign to make laws, and his prerogatives are perfect; but he is a subject to obey those laws, and his subjection must be absolute. And it is strange men can not see that the moment they cease to be obedient subjects to their own laws, they cease also to be sovereigns.


For what sort of sovereign is he whose laws are not respected? But still above these considerations, if it is possible to rise above them, the Government must wage this war to restore the lost liberties of its citizens within the States whose free Governments have been subverted by the revolutionists.

The loyal men of the revolted States so called are entitled to the protection of their Government. I believe these loyal citizens constitute a majority of the people; but whether a majority or minority, it is the duty of their Government to protect them from unlawful usurpation and tyranny.

A necessity rests upon the Government to wage this war—else it too will be subverted. This revolution is aggressive, insolent, and overbearing in the extreme. Its Secretary of War even proclaims the purpose to plant its banner of "the stars and bars" upon the dome of our national Capitol, and coolly threatens that it may yet float over the city of Boston.

This was before the promulgation of Lincoln's first proclamationon the day on which Fort Sumter fell. That revolutionary Government seeks, by means of privateers, to destroy the commerce of the nation upon the high seas ; and in fact it has been at war with the Government almost from the day of Lincoln 's election—seizing upon its forts, arsenals, vessels of war, its treasure, and its public property generally.

With an insolent, pretensive talk of peace, it has been practicing open war for months continually. Secondly, The Government must take the aggressive so to speak ; that is, it can not stand on the defensive, and permit the enactment on a grand national scale of the shameful farce of Fort Sumter—refraining from firing a gun while batteries are being erected around it for its own reduction.

American Civil War: Introduction

By this weak policy loyal citizens of the States which first "seceded" were left without protection and encouragement in their loyalty ; and thus cut off and neglected, they gradually acquiesced in the existing state of things, and came to regard the usurpation as their Government, and their old Government as a foreign Power.

And to wash away the stain of " Toryism," many Union men enlisted in the armies which were being raised to war upon the Government of their fathers.

And without an active war of protection loyal citizens must yield in all the revolting States. They have no arms, and no standard to rally around. This war is no war of the North against the South—no war of sections. It is a war of the whole Government against an insurrection and usurpation in certain States.

write an editorial about the civil wars

It is a war not to " subjugate the South" or the Southern States but to 1iberate the citizens of those States from that military subjugation under which they are placed by usurpation and intimidation. Its very nature forbids that it should be a war of rapine and confiscation.

It is the war of the law for its own enforcement against revolution; and if those who wage such war shall themselves violate the law, they too have plunged into revolution, and the law is destroyed. We loyal men of the South warn you to beware how you let slip the hell-hounds of revolution—from the very depths of despair we warn you that you come not into this place of torment.

Therefore, Fourthly, Let it be distinctly proclaimed by the Government, and by all loyal public journalists, that the nature of the war is to be such as I have set forth above; that the South is not to be subjugated, but liberated—not the black but the white race; that the old order of things is to be restored as it was; that the people are to be protected from the unlawful violence of their usurping tyrants, and to suffer no unlawful violence at the hands of their deliverers.

Let the commanders of the advancing armies every where proclaim these things to the people: And it will be found, as these things begin to be understood by a misguided and intimidated people, they will rally in thousands to the standard of the Government, and assist in restoring order.

They will not only acquiesce, but will actively assist in putting down the rebellion. In this section of Tennessee a large majority of the people are still true to the Union, and many pant for the opportunity to take up arms against their oppressors.

But they have no standard to rally around—no Government to throw its protecting shield over them. They have no arms, no sinews of war, no ammunition, no organization.

In other parts of the State thousands have been misled by false representations, sustained by quotations from violent Northern papers, and are now in arms against their own liberties. We have been all betrayed by traitorous Governors except Houstonof Texasand by perjured and terrorized legislators, who, grasping the sword and purse, have put the people under a military despotism.

These are brave and excellent words.How to Write a War Essay. When taking a History class you may be required to write an essay on war.. Any war can be portrayed in different ways: as senseless or heroic, in terms of world politics or in how it affected ordinary people.

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write an editorial about the civil wars

News about the American Civil War (). Commentary and archival information about the United State Civil War () from The New York Times.

Civil War Editorial

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